A Community for all who seek God's love

Diversity of Experience

We celebrate all cultural and racial identities. We honor and affirm all people’s expressions of their own gender identity and sexuality.

Meaningful Worship

All humans embody divine image, work as co-creators with God, and receive divine grace through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is no one creed, doctrine, or belief required to collaborate with us in worship or works.

Love for All

God’s work of love and reconciliation with creation wholly includes the life, love, and ministry of people of all genders, all races, and all sexual orientations

— simply put, all people.

Time Travel

As the spirit gathers us for worship, we believe that linear time is turned sideways into a moment of its fullness in God. As we gather to sing and listen to ancient stories of God's love and redemption and as we proclaim our own stories, we are joined by ancestors who have gone before us and all those who are to come. Worship is time travel and Lent is the perfect time to explore the ever-evolving journey through space and time of our relationship to Christ and the world.

Each Sunday liturgy this season will be split into three sections: Past, Present and Future. The shape of the liturgy will bring us from reflections on the past, to being present in the moment, to thinking forward towards the week to come.

What's Happening?

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We Stand Against Injustice
Celebrating Differences

Systemic injustices have historically kept people from the full, loving inclusion in the church and society. We admit our failures and strive with humility towards the radical inclusion and celebration of all cultures and ethnicities, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities - recognizing that our differences are God-given gifts. We commit to dismantling white supremacy and learning to follow the lead of our BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) siblings.

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