We Value play

We believe play and wonder are vitally important ways to experience and know God.

Our worship space has a carpeted area set up with toys and art materials for families with little ones. When COVID isn't a thing, we have two wonderful teachers who play and do lessons with the children downstairs during worship. Some parents prefer to have their kids with them during worship and others prefer to have the worship time for themselves. We understand and welcome both approaches. 

Sounds travel very easily in our worship space, but God loves us even when we are crying babies. But if you would be more comfortable, you are free to use our upstairs area behind glass for extra soundproofing and privacy. Stairs are near the entrance.

Hopefully, for everyone's sake, your child miraculously has no need to exercise its biological functions during our time together. But in any case, changing tables are located in both downstairs restrooms.

Children's Music

When we are meeting in person, we have children's music time once or twice a month on Sundays at 4pm. These are led by Pastor Ivar, who is a certified Early Childhood Music Teacher trained in the Music Together program.

We believe children are born with a natural music aptitude that, like learning any other language, will develop most fully when nurtured from a young age. This development happens by being musically engaged especially with the ones we love. Our music classes are structured around different levels of energy, focus and child-centered play using our whole bodies and minds, as we sing and dance to a range of rhythms, tonalities, and music styles. 

Classes are typically geared towards children ages 0 to 5 years of age, though all are welcome to participate!

So many babies

We seem to be experiencing what you might call a baby boom – everywhere you look, it seems a child is looking right back at you! This is perfect for a church that thrives on play and wonder. But since our church is relatively young we are continually working on developing programming for families and children to meet the growing need. There is a very real threat of being outnumbered and the toddlers taking over completely, so any prayers are appreciated.